EltaMD: The #1 Dermatologist Recommended Sunscreen Brand

With the beginning of spring comes the promise of longer days, blue skies, and sunshine. After months of being cooped up inside we long for the feel of the sun’s rays on our skin. What we don’t long for, however, are sunburns, hyperpigmentation, and accelerated aging! We all know that UVA and UVB rays, while… Read More »

Luck of the….Good Skin?

Think having great skin is just a matter of luck? Nope…think again! Great skin is achievable for everyone all it takes is a little dedication. This month we’re sharing some of our favorite tips, tricks and secrets to achieving that radiant, clear, glowing skin we all crave. Tip #1: Diet and Exercise: ● We all… Read More »

ZO 3-Steep-Peel

Created by Dr. Obagi in 2007, ZO Skin Health is the leader in medical-grade skincare. Built on the philosophy of “creating healthy skin for life – for all patients,” ZO products strive to bridge the gap between typical “spa like” treatments and more advanced therapeutic treatments. One of the most popular ZO skin treatments is… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Botox and Dermal Fillers

A common misconception in the aesthetic community is that Botox and fillers are the same thing, but they are actually quite different. Find out the important distinctions between these cosmetic surgeries, and decide which one might be right for you. Botox What Is Botox and How Does it Work? Botox is an abbreviated short name… Read More »

Hydrafacial Treatments

As skin ages and is exposed to the damaging effects of the sun, wind and other elements, it naturally starts to lose some of its luster. Dry skin, a dull complexion, sun spots, and clogged pores can make it harder to apply makeup smoothly or achieve the bare-faced look you love, but Eye for Beauty… Read More »

Dermaplaning: Achieve Your Skin Goals on Your Lunch Break

Dermaplaning is a painless, noninvasive way to deeply exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells and the fine peach fuzz commonly found on the face. During the treatment, which only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, the aesthetician uses a scalpel to gently scrape away the most outer layer of the skin.… Read More »

Resveratrol B E

When it comes to keeping your skin looking great, the best treatment is prevention. That’s why it’s important to make your skin care routine a priority before you start to show signs of aging like wrinkles or sun spots. One of the best anti-aging products out on the market is SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E. It… Read More »

Hyperpigmentation: The Sun’s Role and What You Can Do About It

While many of us look forward to spending more time outdoors soaking up the warmth during the summer months, it’s important to understand how all that sun affects your skin. The sun can cause hyperpigmentation because exposure to UV rays triggers your skin to produce more melanin. This is why sun exposure leads to tanning… Read More »

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